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2012 Pricing

Bird’s Starting Prices

Brant                          $375.00
Ducks                          $265.00
Geese                          $425.00
Grouse                         $265.00
Pheasants                      $265.00
Quail                          $220.00
Swan                           $625.00
    Standing                   $575.00
    Flying                     $625.00
    Gobbling                   $675.00
    Tail & Beard               $125.00
    Woodcock                   $240.00


Tag all migratory birds with your name, address, hunting license number, species, date and where taken.

100% Deposit on All Migratory Birds

Game Head Starting Prices

Antelope                       $575.00
Black Bear                     $550.00
Caribou                        $850.00
Coyote                         $300.00
Elk                            $1,300.00
Exotic Sheep                   $625.00
Fox                            $265.00
Moose                          $1,400.00
Mule Deer                      $575.00
Raccoon                        $200.00
Sika Deer                      $510.00
Sheep                          $1,000.00
 (Dahl, Desert, Stone, Big Horn)
Whitetail Deer Doe             $510.00
Whitetail Deer                 $565.00
Wild Boar                      $650

 The above prices are standard mounts.  Open mouths, pedestal, habitat and custom poses are available at additional charge.

African/Exotic Game

Call for pricing.

Fish Starting Prices

$175.00 Minimum

Cold Water (Trout)             $16.50/inch
Warm Water (Bass)              $14.50/inch
Salt Water                     $20.00/inch
Pedestal                       $2.00/inch more
Repaint                        $7.00/inch
Fiberglass Reproduction 
      Call for Pricing

 Open Mouth, jump and habitat are available at additional charge.



Due to the large number of styles, sizes, type of animal open or closed mouths, with/without head that are available in rugs, call for pricing.


Whitetail Deer                  $60.00
Antelope                        $75.00
Caribou                         $125.00
Elk                             $150.00
Moose                           $200.00
Mule Deer                       $60.00

European(Skull) Mount

Deer                            $125.00
Bear                            $125.00
Coyote                          $75.00
Fox                             $65.00
Raccoon                         $65.00

All other skulls, call for price.

Life Size Mounts Starting Prices

Bob Cat                         $725.00
Coyote (Large, X-Large)         $850.00
Coyote (small, medium)          $750.00
Fox (Red, Gray)                 $560.00
Ground Hog                      $450.00
Mink                            $265.00
Muskrat                         $325.00
Raccoon                         $525.00
Skunk                           $575.00
Squirrel (Gray, Red, Fox)       $245.00
Weasel                          $265.00
*Bear (Black)                   $375.00 ft.*
*Brown/Grizzly                  $425.00 ft.*
*Cougar                         $375.00 ft.*
*Deer (Whitetail, mule)         $375.00 ft.*
*Wolf                           $375.00 ft.*

*=price may be less depending on the style of the mount

Mark’s Custom Taxidermy is a custom shop so that mounts can be done your way.  Whether it’s a special pose and/or habitat that you desire stop in or call me for all your trophy needs.




All tanning will be done at owner’s risk.



50% Deposit required on all work before it will begin. 




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